How to cope with typical autumn problems and what cosmetics and procedures will help to look good in the new season?
Problem: the skin becomes dry or flaky.

Of course, during the summer, the skin could not change: it’s not about dryness, it’s about dehydration. Please note that cosmetics contain not only moisturizing, but also water-retaining ingredients (for example, glycerol, lecithin or vegetable oils), as well as components that restore its protective barrier and improve the natural moisturizing factor of the skin – molecules and substances (urea, lactic acid and etc.) present in the upper horny layer of the skin and responsible for its ability to attract and, most importantly, to keep the molecules of moisture. If the natural moisturizing factor (abbreviated NMF- Natural Moisturizing Factor) is broken – the skin can suffer from dehydration even if it does not lack a moisturizing cosmetics.
Problem: spotted tan
Most often this happens for two reasons: an excess of ultraviolet caused slight pigmentation disorders, which became visible only now (how to “straighten” the skin tone in this case we just found out) or the skin after the summer suffers from a lack of moisture. In the second case, in addition to gommage, peeling masks, creams with ANA-acids and other means that accelerate the renewal of epidermal cells, skin care in the autumn needs intensive nutritive and, especially, moisturizers, primarily with hyaluronic acid. Use them every time after cleansing the skin or shower, and twice a week, do moisturizing face masks.

Problem: acne and inflammation on the skin
Usually, this is another belated reaction of the skin to ultraviolet and heat: increased activity of the sebaceous glands and hyperkeratosis (thickening of the upper layer of the epidermis) leads to the fact that the pores are “hammered”. Dermatologists believe that autumn is the peak of “seasonal” acne.
The first step is to provide the skin with a gentle exfoliation, then – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory treatment. In the presence of inflammation from the scrubs will have to give up (otherwise the number of inflammations will be greater), replacing them with peeling masks (for example, based on glycolic and salicylic acids, which also have antiseptic effect).

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