Autumn is the best time to visit your cosmetologist. Right now, you can do absolutely any procedure, because the ubiquitous solar ultraviolet will not hurt you any more.

Different cosmetic technology can help you to overcome the damage that the sun did to your skin.


Here are some options.

                                             Oxygen therapy
Oxygen saturation of the skin, needleless injections with oxygen on the Bio Oxygen apparatus.
Oxygen therapy is ideal for all age groups for both women and men:
◦ Anti-aging
◦ Problem skin
◦ Rehabilitation after chemical peelings, plastic surgery.
◦ “Smoker’s skin” – restoration of color, skin turgor
◦ Moistening of dry and wilted skin
                                               Microcurrent lifting
This method consists in the supply of microcurrent pulses that contribute to the rapid recovery of skin cells.

◦ Increases tonus of facial tissue
◦ Increases skin turgor
◦ Eliminates sacks and dark circles under the eyes
◦ Minimizes wrinkles and folds
◦ Minimizes pores
◦ De-stresses skin
◦ Brings even face color
◦ Minimizes hyperpigmentation
◦ Hydrates skin
◦ Rehabilitates after plastic surgery
                                 Ultrasound moisturizing and circulation
This is a cosmetology procedure in which medical products and cosmetics are “injected” into the deep layers of the skin “up to 1 cm” by means of ultrasound.
What it does:
◦ Promotes active saturation of tissues with oxygen, increased elasticity of connective tissues and thus skin rejuvenation.
◦ The effect of the drug administered under the skin continues for a considerable time after the actual procedure.
◦ Ultrasound acts on the cells as a massage, activates metabolic processes and blood circulation
◦ Ultrasound effectively reduces swelling, activates tissue regeneration, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Ultrasonic face peeling is aimed at cleaning the surface layer of the skin, reducing sebum, fighting with a dull complexion, oxygenation of the skin, toning and rejuvenation.

Indications for ultrasound face peeling:
◦ Mixed skin type
◦ Oily skin
◦ Unhealthy complexion
◦ Extended skin pores

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