Every woman wants to look young and attractive, despite the age.

 It becomes an issue when we turn more than 40.

We start desperately looking for the immediate effect. Sometimes we search for some extreme methods that will turn back the years in one shot.

But due to my experience there are no miracles but there are solutions that will stop your aging process.

The latest medical research said that aging is like illness, which with professional knowledge you can stop.

With Bio sonic skin master cosmetology procedure, acupressure oriental technique and corneotherapy  products you will see immediate results. Even after the first session. You will receive the following treatments:


First and most important step is – EXFOLIATION

Exfoliation treatment– uncovers new skin, it eliminates dead cells, excess oil, germs and cosmetic residue and is ready to absorb water and skin care products.

Due to cavitation effect produced by the elastic wave of the Bi-Elastic Spatula, the EXFOLIATION speeds up the skin normal cell renewal from 32 to16 days.




The MOISTURIZING treatment results in perfectly moisturized, healthy skin with smoothed tissue and refined texture. It is especially helpful for sensitive, weak or dry skin caused by dehydration. The compression and decompression of your skin tissue improves from the inside out.



The CIRCULATION treatment effectively increase local blood circulation, especially in pale, waxed and aging skin, where the process of cell renewal has slowed. Circulation dramatically increases blood flow and facilitate nourishment and oxygenation. You will look younger and healthier.




The CLEARING treatment is targeted on age spots, sun damaged and other discoloration problems caused by accumulation of melanin. The result will exceed your expectations as your skin will be even-toned and clear.





The REJUVENATION treatment utilizes the MLM which stimulates the synthesis of DNA and collagen, it increases the production of glycosaminoglycans which retain water. It is very effective for wrinkle and stretch marks treatment. It has a visible lifting effect on sagging skin.




The FINE LINES treatment with targeted products and mechanical energy dramatically reduces/eliminates fine lines, especially in “smiling’ area.




Laser and microdermabrasion have emerged as today’s leading cosmetic procedure but Skin Master System offers far more. Its targeted treatment immediately improves your skin’s texture, tone and appearance in a pleasant and effective manner.