Is it possible to look young when you are fifty?

The development of new technologies in medicine, researches conducted in leading medical centers of the world, that’s what determine the future development of medicine for decades to come. One of the most impressive is the use of cellular technology.

To update the cellular composition of a damaged organ without surgery, to solve the most complicated tasks that were previously possible only by organ transplantation – these tasks are being solved today with the help of stem cells.

This is a chance to get a new life for many patients. The technology of using stem cells is available for almost every patient and gives a truly amazing result, expanding the possibilities of transplantation.

Stem cells are able to be transformed into the cells of the tissues of a variety of organs. One stem cell gives a lot of active, functional descendants.

Studies of genetic modifications of stem cells are carried out all over the world, the methods of their growth are being intensively studied.

Unfortunately,there are many diseases that are virtually untreated or their treatment is not effective by medication. These diseases become the object of the closest attention of researchers.

The secret of stem cells is that, being immature cells themselves, they can turn into the cell of any organ.

They contain not only genetic information, but, most importantly, the scheme of the development of the organism, its sequence.

As soon as the body’s stem cells receive a signal about damage in tissues, they move to that partcular organs. There they are transformed into those cells of the tissues or organs that need protection.

Stem cells can become any cells: liver, nervous, smooth muscle, mucous. This stimulation leads to the fact that the body itself starts regenerating his own tissues and organs.

An adult has a very small stock of stem cells. Therefore, the greater the age of a person, the more difficult and with greater complications is the process of regeneration and recovery of the organism after injuries or during illness. Especially if the damage to the body is extensive.

The body can not independently repair the lost stem cells. Development in the field of modern medicine today allows us to introduce stem cells into the body and, most importantly, to direct them in the right direction. Thus, for the first time there is a possibility of treating such dangerous diseases as cirrhosis, diabetes and stroke.

The desire of a person to look young is dictated by the modern life. Is it possible to look young when you are fifty?

Medical cosmetics, with the use of modern biotechnology, gives such an opportunity. Today, it is possible to significantly improve the turgor, the elasticity of the skin, to get rid of eczema and dermatitis.

Stem cells that are injected during mesotherapy, eliminate skin pigmentation, scars, the effects of chemical and laser treatments. They fade wrinkles, spots after acne, improve skin tone.

Also, with the help of mesotherapy, problems of hair and nails are solved as well: they acquire a healthy appearance, their growth is restored.

However, using highly effective cosmetology products, one should beware of scammers allegedly advertising that these products contain stem cells.

Immortality is possible – we are convinced by the achievements of modern medicine.

Fantastic ideas about the synthesis of human organs are already turning into reality in the near future. Ten years will pass and artificial kidneys, heart, and liver will be available to every person. Simple injections will restore and ejuvenate the skin.

These miracles are going to be achieved thanks to Stem cells.